Keeping Track of Wandering Children

When searching for safety solutions for young children, more and more parents are turning to technology. A new watch produced by Filip Technologies uses location tracking technologies like GPS and Wi-Fi to help easily keep track of kids by linking to apps on parents’ smartphones. The watch’s technology helps remedy the common problem of losing young children in crowded areas such as grocery stores and playgrounds.

“The watch also has a red panic button that children can push if, for example, they suddenly become separated from their parents in a crowd. Then the watch starts dialing each of the authorized people until one answers. AT&T will be the network provider for the watch; its price has not yet been announced.

Sandra L. Calvert, a professor of psychology and the director of the Children’s Digital Media Center at Georgetown University, views the watches and related products as extensions of the way parents now use smartphones to keep track of older children.

‘From a child’s perspective, a parent is like an anchor,’ she said. These devices allow the child to move farther and farther away, yet the parent knows where the child is. ‘If a child gets lost in a store and can push a little button, their parents can find them,’ she said. ‘It helps them to know they are in a range that seems to be safe.'”



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