Keeping Track of Wandering Children

When searching for safety solutions for young children, more and more parents are turning to technology. A new watch produced by Filip Technologies uses location tracking technologies like GPS and Wi-Fi to help easily keep track of kids by linking to apps on parents’ smartphones. The watch’s technology helps remedy the common problem of losing […]

Facebook Losing its Cool Factor? Reports have recently surfaced that Facebook is losing its younger users, specifically young teens. While Zuckerberg has previously denied allegations that the site is losing its “cool factor” among its younger users, the company’s Chief Financial Officer David Ebersman admitted to struggles this week. “We did see a decrease in [teenage] daily users [during the quarter], […]

Meta’s Spaceglasses

This article introduces an invention produced by Meron Gribetz, the founder of Silicon Valley’s startup, Meta. Gribetz explains his high-tech spaceglasses, “a wearable computing device in the form of beefy eyeglasses stuffed with sensors, projectors, voice recognition, technology and more.” Coming up with the idea while studying at Columbia University, Gribetz wanted to create something […]

Have Your Voice Heard

Customer feedback is an important tool in making a company successful, but it is often difficult to collect. However, new technology has made the process much quicker and less painful. “’We’re operating under the assumption that people enjoy having their voice heard,’ says Erik Schluntz, co-founder of Posmetrics, a startup focused on helping businesses collect real-time […]

Amazon Grosses Billions, Yet Struggles for Profit

This article discusses how struggles to make a profit, despite its growing number of successful business ventures. The company has a competitive line of tablets, an online education company, and recently introduced a PayPal-like payment mechanism, to name a few.  “’Bezos has chosen to run Amazon to be the biggest, most powerful and successful […]

Technology: Increasing Safety, Decreasing Privacy

Federal grants, such as the $7 million awarded to Oakland, California, have been allocated toward technology-based police initiatives. Rather than fund measures to prevent terrorist   attacks as intended, the money has helped track citizens through methods such as license plate readers.  The police has used other forms of technology to monitor citizens as well: […]

Austin becoming the next Silicon Valley

Austin Ranks Among the Nation’s Largest Tech Hubs Austin, Texas is growing as a national technology hub and one of the top cities to look for work. The article suggests that it is the city’s unique environment that draws in talent and capital from investors.  The article noted: “In 2011, Austin/Round Rock, with 10.7 percent […]

Will Technology Make Us All Jobless? Researchers at Oxford University claim that 45% of America’s jobs will be “automated away” over the next twenty years. While many are fearful of their occupations becoming obsolete, the truth is that technology has been replacing jobs for centuries. This article provides graphs and statistics to better explain how technology is impacting America’s job […]